Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer - Diana Leadley

Diana Leadley

Fort Lauderdale Personal Trainer

Coach Diana is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer and is the lead trainer and managing partner of 13th Street Fitness. She is committed to inspiring life changes by leading individuals to meet and exceed their personal fitness goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or increased mobility and stability.

Cardio 92%
Endurance 95%
Stability 97%
strength 91%
Supportive 100%

Diana's philosophy is to lead gym members to a life of health, fitness, and purpose. Coach Diana instills her clients with a strong dedication to empowering ownership of personal health and wellness. She takes a unique approach in fitness by incorporating stability training to address imbalances and compensations; strength and conditioning to build muscle and cardiovascular endurance; and mobility and prehab exercises to prevent and address pre-existing injuries.

Growing up in southeast Michigan and in a basketball family, Diana has developed love for sports and played many throughout her childhood and high school years. She was introduced to Tae Bo in her teens and developed a passion for boxing, which she has actively included in her training regimen for 2+ years. She is a Michigan State University graduate (Go Green!) with a bachelor's degree in communication and 4+ years experience in public relations and marketing. When she’s not coaching clients and keeping things in order at 13th Street Fitness, she’s usually traveling, stomping on her downstairs neighbor’s ceiling while training at home, or indulging in one of her vices – baking.